Has Kanye West Sold Out?

Kanye West Sold Out

Now I’m not the type to hate on anyone for getten’ money, but ever since Kanye came out with Stronger , took these crazy fits when he didn’t win an award and said that he was competing with Justin Timberlake, I couldn’t help but think that Kanye’s become exactly what he set out to destroy on his debut album, The College Dropout.

Even though I consider Graduation a really good album, College Dropout is a classic because it set Kanye apart from the pop/bling/thug rappers. It was cool that Kanye was still materialistic on that album, rappin’ about Louie Vouton and wanting to ball, but he was also staying true to the foundations of hip hop music in that he maintained the personal connection. Now I’m not the type to hate on anyone for going against the the foundations of hip hop, but when your whole image is that your the bridge between A Tribe Called Quest and Jay-Z and you start leaning more into the Jay-Zness of things, I got to call you out.

I’m afraid with Kanye hanging around Fo’Real so much, starting his bougie ass clothing line Pastel, ringtone sales through the roof, and doing Absolute commercials (video below: even though one this dope), we may be getting more Strongers than Family Business. If anything, I’m sure Yeezy will also be creative with whatever he does, even if he full out goes MJ on us.


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