Happy Holidays

Black Santa

Well dudes, its been one hell of a ride. I started this site back in September for fun, because I was always the dude that knew all the hip hop news, trivia and fun facts [sidebar: I should make a hip hop board game for you rap nerds]. The sites popularity has grown tremendously over the last four months and it is all because of yall. You have made this site your stop for “all your hip hop on a lower level news” haha. [Sidebar: Don’t you hate it when these rap nerd sites bill themselves as “For All Your Hip Hop News”…fucking geeks.]

I certainly don’t think yall care about all the hip hop news (I know I don’t), because who really gives a fuck if Hammer is making a new album. Maybe if he was getting arrested on child pornography charges it would be something to write about. Only good rappers are worth writing about, I only really care about the rest if there in some scandal or throwing a hissy fit for the youtubes. Most of these hip hop sites are owned by corporate media anyway, so they have no clue whats hot and whats not. We are the Independent!

Who knows what 2008 will bring, but just remember theres only one rule, “I Will Not Lose”. Happy Holidays yall, just having yall come to this site is the best present I could have asked for, for real, for real. My goal for December was to hit 30,000 visitors and it looks like we are going to succeed that mark. Thank you so much!

Ps. We still ain’t shit.


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