Guy Cries After Meeting Drake

Ivan I really hope this isn’t you. I kid.


7 thoughts on “Guy Cries After Meeting Drake

  1. lmfao when they first showed he guy on the line, i was hoping it’d have been him, lmfao asshole

  2. LMAOOOOO!! Now I’M crying!! That’s how folks used to be when they saw MJ…faintin and shit!

  3. funny how they wont let him leave haha

  4. Those braids are coming in nicely, Ivan. And I agree: Drake, indeed, is “amazin’ … (sob) he amazin’ every body right now (wipes tear) … “

  5. Meeting drake was such a life changing experience for me. I’m glad i have this video to remember it by

  6. hahah wtf

  7. LMAO man that guy was high as fuck

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