Guilty Pleasure: Run’s House

Run's House Cast
I don’t watch any tv. But over Thanksgiving I was addicted to Run’s House (which was in a marathon mode over the holiday for no reason). For those of you not aware it’s a reality show about old skool rapper, Run (from the legendary Run-Dmc) and the day to day life he lives with his family of six. It’s kinda of like Hogan Knows Best but more relevant to us cause it comes from a rich-rapper-turned-family-man-perspective.
As Run is the brother of Russel Simmons, the man who built Def Jam and Phat Farm (yes the architect of this rap shit), everyone except the Mom (who only appears to sleep all day) are all true hustlers. His 17 year old son Jo-Jo is trying to be a rapper (sidebar: so not going to work), his twenty something daughter’s Vanessa and Angela both run a boutique label of Phat Farm called Pastry as well Vanessa is an actress on some day time soap and Angela just got her own magazine insert through Word Up mag called Rundown (wow how creative). There two young sons Russy and Diggy are just cool little niggas. Diggy is like the next Kanye West, he’s hanging out with Ja Rule’s daughter Britney on some hip hop arranged marriage shit.

The show is executive produced by Diddy and works on so many levels. Particularly because it deals with the aging hip hop generation and its approach to family life. The show reminds me a lot of The Cosby Show but with a hip hop twist. The show casts a positive light on the Black nuclear family in much the same way Mr. Cosby’s show did which is something we haven’t seen since Family Matters? Also its shows the very real issues privileged children have to face in becoming successful in their own right (Paris Hilton take heed). Run and his wifey have raised some very hustle oriented kids that capture the true essence of hip hop hustle. Hmmm maybe the first hip hop value we can all pass on to our kids?

Run’s House airs Thursday nights at 10pm on MTV. Check out the preview to season 4. Yeah I can’t believe this is already into season 4. You can also watch some episodes here.


Here’s a clip from Kid Rock’s appearance on the show.

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