Gucci Mane Not Icey No More

Word on the internetz, is that Gucci Mane has left So Icey Records and parted ways with his manager who is also Wacker Rapper Flame’s mom (which explains a lot).

Gucci Mane has started his own label Brick Squad Records, where he will serve as the CEO and President. He has also signed O.J Da Juiceman as his first act (God help us all).


5 thoughts on “Gucci Mane Not Icey No More

  1. I’m currently in my closet with autotune and fruityloops making up dance hooks and non rhyming verses for a demo strictly to send to this label! Imma be multi platinum in ring tone sales by 2011!!

  2. I don’t think you want to start off any comment on with “I’m currently in my closet”. LOL!

  3. ………my client would like that statement stricken from the record. lol

  4. kinda glad honestly, maybe gooch will start focusing on making GOOD songs again. so icey got saturated so fast

  5. oh yeah, isn’t this idiot in jail still? why is he making moves in the pen?

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