Gucci Mane “I’m Back B*tch”

Gucci Mane drops a little video to “I’m Back B*tch”. He’s actually stepping up his rap game, well as much as a Gucci Mane can step up his rap game. I heard he used to be in school for computer programming, so he can’t be as dumb as he acts.

I’m still wondering when Gucci clothing is going to sue him or his label for copyright infringement. For god sakes they wouldn’t let T.I. show any gucci any rags for the video he did with Swizzy, which pretty much shut down that video.


2 thoughts on “Gucci Mane “I’m Back B*tch”

  1. shit’s ridiculous

  2. this bi*** need to get her a** out of the air cuz she look like she smell like a perch dinner

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