Graffiti Artist Arrested For Tweeting Location

Graffiti artist, Revok was arrested in Australia after he used twitter to tell his followers that he was going to catch his plane to leave the country after he had tagged several walls.

Revok who was in town for a Graffiti showcase went on a “vandalism spree” after he was informed that funding for the conference had fallen through and that it would be cancelled.

Police had been monitoring Revok’s whereabouts via twitter and when he tweeted that he was “about to catch his plane”, Australian police apprehended him at the airport. He will face up to nine months in prison as well have to pay $15,000 in fines to repair the damage.

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2 thoughts on “Graffiti Artist Arrested For Tweeting Location

  1. holy shit man they rape grafitti artists, 15,000 dollars is some bullshit. I used to do a little graffiti but n one in my crew was advanced enough with the spray cans so we used like actual rollers and stencils and shit. lmfao we did some stuff i considered art for real

  2. Yeah I use to do a little graf in my day, it’s real art for sure.

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