Game Dissing Jay-Z Track Coming Soon

Blue Radio Part 5

Chris Le, who recently directed Game’s Superman video and is within Game’s circle posted a message on The Real BWS forums saying:

Haven’t been on here in a minute! Wuss good with yall? Superman is at it’s completion and we about to go full blast. but heres the latest BWS 5 and guess what, Game is hosting it with Haze. AND NOT TO MENTION, Look out for a JAYZ Diss track from game produced by my lil brother, Tommy Gunnz.

So apparently there’s a Jay-Z diss courtesy of Game on a DJ Haze “BWS Radio Part 5” mixtape. I’ll post it as soon as it hits the net.

One thought on “Game Dissing Jay-Z Track Coming Soon

  1. The Game dissed Hov a year ago…Check out verse 2…

    I always wondered why nobody made a bigger deal of this track…

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