Free Drake Concert in NY: Epic Failure

Here’s some man on the street footage of Drake’s free show he was doing in Seaport which resulted in Drake being asked not to performed by Police as the crowd was out of hand -reportedly pushing, fighting and throwing water bottles. The show was cancelled by authorities as the venue was overcapacity as more than 25,000 people showed up. Apparently fans ended up screaming “F*ck Drake”. Moral of the story, no free shows.

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Bonus: Below is a clip from MTV’s documentary on Drake called “Better Than Good Enough”.

2 thoughts on “Free Drake Concert in NY: Epic Failure

  1. wow i was going to go to this with some friends. good thing we didnt! he didnt even perform

  2. nah they should have done something like print up free tickets online, or you had to pick them up at the box office before hand, honestly i cant say no more free shows, but the promoters and everything, what did they fucking expect?

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