Foxy Brown “Jay-Z Tapped Me”

Since Foxy Brown’s buzz had died, she had to resurrect it some how. Here’s one way…claim Jay-Z hit that.

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3 thoughts on “Foxy Brown “Jay-Z Tapped Me”

  1. didn’t everyone already know that? I mean foxy kept him hot, he had his face in her puss.
    On another note if M.O.P. utilized the internet to its capabilities they could make a decent comeback, i mean as far as the internet can take an artist (Drake doesn’t count in that either)

  2. Someone should write an article on how exactly drake blew up, because i’m not really sure how he went from kids tv show to getting mixtape singles on the radio o.O

  3. The lil wayne young money co sign to me was everything… He was getting that before he signed with them niggas!

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