Foxhole Radio Interviews Nas

Nas Nigger

[audio:nas interview.mp3]

Jamie Foxx’s Foxhole radio sat down with Nasir Jones aka Nas to discuss his upcoming album “Nigger”. Nas talks elaborates on his red carpet comments regarding Blacks only having 25 more years to vote, white guys buying the “Nigger” album, when hip hop died, garbage rappers, and his influence on the sub-genre of horror-core rap.

Nas also mentions “Nigger” will be released April 22, 2008.

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3 thoughts on “Foxhole Radio Interviews Nas

  1. yo what the @#$$% is up with nas,he named his album NIGGER.Comin’!! somebody out there is gonna call there next album CRACKER!!!!

  2. yo when is this really coming out, everywhere i look actually says the 22nd, but it can’t come out in two days. The one place i didn’t see april 22nd, only said “out in summer”.
    Yorapper, do you know anything about the release date?

  3. Yeah no way its coming out in two days, there’s been no promo for it. My guess is it will come out in September.

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