Flava Flav Has Lost His Cot Damn Mind

Considering Flava Flav’s popularity has been on the decline since the Flava of Love series ended a few years back and subsequently spawned countless spin-offs, Flava Flav has decided to give music a shot with his latest joint “I’ll Never Let You Go”.

Auto-tuning his way over a pseudo-Boyz 2 Men beat, Flava Flav proclaims his love for the “one that got away”. I’m pretty sure the women in question really just ran away.

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuiqdOQ9h9M&feature=player_embedded /]

I’m pretty sure Chuck D just committed suicide.


2 thoughts on “Flava Flav Has Lost His Cot Damn Mind

  1. Jay was wrong, Autotune won’t Neva DIE!

  2. I think I wanna die.

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