Final Debate: Obama Vs. McCain

Obama McCain

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Just finished watching the final debate and it was way entertaining than the last two. The highlight for me was when Obama called out McCain for the negative campaigning and the Bill Ayers issue. Obama’s performance was solid even though he was on the defensive throughout the night, he would take a jab from McCain and hit back even harder.

Some hot lines Obama dropped:

“Since you want to know who my associations are let me tell you. For economic issues I go to Warren Buffet..”

“The notion that I voted for a tax increase for people making $42,00 a year has been disputed by everybody who has looked at the claim that senator McCain is making. Even Fox News disputes it, and that doesn’t happen very often when it comes to accusations about me.”

“If I occasionally mistaken your policy to George Bush and the core economic issues that matter to the American people: Tax policy, energy policy, spending priorities. You have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush.”

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