Fifty Cent talks Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and being Flithy Rich

Wow. After watching this, you can’t really hate on Fifty no more. He’s grown from an artist into a business man that really used his skills on the mic to become a multi-hundred millionaire. He maybe one cocky mf, but dude speaks the truth. The only thing, I have an issue with is when Fifty says, on the last clip, about how he doesn’t care about who has the hottest verse. This tells me dude has lost it -the itch to be a rapper -to be competitive through creativity. But who wouldn’t? Can you even imagine having over a 100 million dollars and you came from the bottom? It’s inspiring to any young entrepreneurs out there like myself. Nonetheless, It’s probably time for Fif to pack it up and go try to become a billionaire somewhere else.



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