Fat Joes Lays the Lumps on Papoose

Fat Joe Papoose Fight Punch

Fat Joe explains his side of the Papoose fight in this interview with Big Von in Oakland. According to Fat Joe, he did go into Papoose’s hotel room, but with 4 people, instead of the 9 or 10 reported by Papoose. After Joe got wind that Papoose was in the building, he went around knocking on hotel room doors looking for him, which is just pure hilarity if you picture a huge PR guy with all this jewelery banging on hotel rooms looking for an “80 pound geico lizard”.

Eventually, Fat Joe found Papoose’s room and confronted him with the now infamous words, “What’s up do we have a problem?” to which Papoose responded, “Why you want it to be a problem?” (sounds like high school drama). A fight ensued (instead of a peaceful discussion), in which Fat Joe claims his crew beat up Papoose, Fat Joe says, “I hit him with 8 joints” and even confirms his crew sent Pap’s dj to the hospital (ouch). After the fight was finished, Fat Joe left to get ready for his show.

At some point after his show or after the fight (it’s not clear), Fat Joe was coming down his hotel hallway and saw Papoose “in the corner” (which I picture a bloody nose Papoose lying dead in a hotel corner) saying, “Yo Joe please let me talk to you…yo I don’t want no problems I been a fan since Flow Joe, I lost my watch, can I get my watch back?” Fat Joe responded that we was ready to fight one on one, however, he doesn’t go into detail of what happened at that point. It is likely that, that is when Papoose hit Fat Joe in the chin has he claimed in an earlier interview also with Big Von.

Another interesting thing, is Fat Joe says, “The truth gonna come to light” as a “million” other rappers were present during the fight. Fat Joe mentions, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti and Cassidy being present during the hotel room wrestling match. So I’m sure some at some point Gucci Mane or one of these guys is going to come out with their side of the story (for their 15 minutes).

Even though this whole story has gone into total buffoonery, Fat Joe makes some good points in this piece about the arrogance of 50 Cent, and I have to say I agree with most of it. I’m actually looking forward to listening to Fat Joe’s album and may review it if it’s good enough. Listen to the full interview here.

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