Fat Joe Strikes Back at G-Unit

50 Cent Photoshop Gay Pictures by Fat Joe

Fat Joe wasn’t too thrilled about Fifty doing the photoshop of him getting the beats, so he has retaliated in kind with the above picture. I guess those TS dudes is good for something after all.

Damn this is mad homo, I didn’t even want to put this up, there’s also other pictures, but are way too graphic to look at. I got to say, good for Fat Joe for standing up to Fifty, although he had to get all childish about it.

Let the photoshop beef begin.

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6 thoughts on “Fat Joe Strikes Back at G-Unit

  1. dud is that 50 cent suck on lloyd bank dick they r so fucking gay ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  2. dude tony yayo stick his dick on 50 cent asshole tha shit is nasty hahahahaha what the fuck hahahahahah and lloyd banks got his dick suck by a man hahahahahahahahahah gayunit

  3. 50 aint gay u can see that is fake u dumb pricks fuck fat joe he is a fat wana be black man but it aint happining

  4. čuraci tady to možna tak dělate vy všichni

  5. i can not believe it

  6. Nice fake pics dude and if they r real they don’t look like 50 and it could be ur homo friends doing this dressing up like 50 or tryin’ to impersonate him so you can get famus [email protected]!!!!!!

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