Fat Joe Elephant in the Room First Week Sales

Fat Joe Elephant in the Room First Week Sales

Based on inside sources, Fat Joe is likely to do around 60,000 units for his album Elephant in the Room this week. This is actually damn good for an independent artist and I think proves the beef with 50 Cent and Papoose only helped to increase sales.

Also I’ve been told, Rick Ross is going to do between 155k to 175k this week based on projections of the last few days. Keep in mind, both albums just came out on Monday March 11th, so the week isn’t done yet.

I have heard that some people are a little scared as to the viability of hip hop as in comparison to years passed these numbers are about half where they should be. I think they are just fine, as Rick Ross’ last album, Port of Miami, went platinum in a month. Also an “underground” album like Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool has already sold over 400,000 albums, so I think were going to be okay.

The R&B side of things, has been killing it this year. This week Alicia Keys album, As I Am, sold another 38, 486 units for a total of 3,245,328 sold. Even Mary J Blige has been able to hit platinum at 1,321,304 units sold. Question: Who the hell is buying these albums? Do girls not know how to download?

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