EW Names The College Drop Out Best Album of the Decade

This is only news because who knew Entertainment Weekly was such hip hop heads. Here is their top 10 best albums of the decade, and no it’s not just hip hop, it’s all musical categories.

1. The College Dropout, Kanye West (2004)
2. The Blueprint, Jay-Z (2001)
3. Kid A, Radiohead (2000)
4. Stankonia, OutKast (2000)
5. Love And Theft, Bob Dylan (2001)
6. Home, The Dixie Chicks (2002)
7. Funeral, The Arcade Fire (2004)
8. I Am… Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé (2008)
9. FutureSex/LoveSounds, Justin Timberlake, (2006)
10. You Are Free, Cat Power (2003)

Wow Blueprint at #1? I can pretty much agree with all the rap picks. The College Dropout singly handily set in motion events that today make it cool for overweight Black men to wear skin tight jeans, v-necks and mullets. Thank you Kanye, thank you.