Eminem’s Little Brother Grows Up To Become Rapper


Eminem fans waiting for the King Marshall album won’t have to wait too long to hear an Eminem-like rapper as the rap stars younger brother Nathan Marshall, now 21, has just started his own myspace page showcasing his music.

Nate’s flow is undoubtedly influenced by big brother which can be heard on his first track “It’s Nate Kain” which sounds eerily similar to any of Eminem’s corny lead singles. His second track, “I’m Not Askin” is more on that “Smack That” Eminem tip, but minus the energy…sounds like he’s doing his best Fifty impression. His third track, “The Shadow of A Celebrity” is the “victim” song with extra cheese on the production. His final song, “Messen Around” wouldn’t load right for me, but from the title sounds like its about gay sex.

Having just started his myspace a few days back and having already garnered almost 18,000 plays is quite impressive, so maybe the kid does got a shot. Besides the game has been void of the token white rapper for a few years now so maybe its time..if not to boost those record sales again. To add to the mayhem, check out Eminem’s brother’s myspace @ www.myspace.com/natekanemusic.

Ps. Remember Where You Heard It First. You already know.

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9 thoughts on “Eminem’s Little Brother Grows Up To Become Rapper

  1. The link does not work…
    Pleas fix it

  2. The link does not work…
    Pleas fix it

  3. hey em i think your little bro should become a rapper just like you and mabe he coulbecome as good as you some day


    your my favorit rap star

  4. well your brother is cute but hope he can rap too

  5. is the person in the picture eminem or nathan? cause i have never seen a picture of nathan.

  6. Eminem is the best rapper in the world

  7. eminem when is ur next concert and when

  8. yo

  9. lets touk on twiter bro

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