Eminem “The Warning (Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Diss)”

Eminem drops a diss track to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon in response to her Obsessed video. It’s actually pretty sick, it’s weird how this guy is still this nice.

Listen here.


5 thoughts on “Eminem “The Warning (Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Diss)”

  1. Yeah he ripped her hard, I’m curious about the videos (not actually seeing them as much just to know if they really exist). I never considered it weird though for a guy to still rap, i never look at it as a physical sport more as a mental game.

  2. I think it is a mental game and a bit of sport in that when you are over 30 your mental capacity starts to go down as well as your physical condition and if you ask any 45 year old to rap it’s gonna sound like shit cause they are going to be out of breath and out of time.

  3. If you read your mental capacity will be fine, but you may have a point on their breath control and stuff.

  4. i was waiting for this track since nick threatened em about the bagpipes from baghdad thing. n obviously its not a dissapointment em always succeeds in crushing enemies

  5. Wow. When I heard “Mariah Carey” diss, I was like, this is going to suck. Em lives up to his standards of a lyricist, and amazing entertainer.

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