Eminem Punishes XXL

White boy mania returns to hip hop with Eminem gracing the covers of the new XXL dressed like Punisher (of all characters to choose). Eminem lets loose about his drug addiction, losing Proof and how Lil Wayne and T.I. are bringing lyrics back.

Here’s the first cover:
Eminem XXL

Here’s the second cover:
Eminem XXL


3 thoughts on “Eminem Punishes XXL

  1. Yo this is crazy…how’s Em gonna drop before Dre? I been waitin for his album for 8 years now! I don’t care about 50’s joint but damn…I wonder how many unit’s he’s gonna push. Think he’ll go plat in a week like Weezy did?

  2. Eh lol seems like they photoshop’d his eyes lmao

  3. he better go platinum in a week like weezy. weezy didnt deserve it his album wasnt even good he just had a couple catchy songs

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