Dr.Dre’s Detox Will Be Out In 60 Days!

Dr. Dre Detox

So apparently Dr. Dre has done a deal with a company by the name of Drinks America to create a Dr. Dre endorsed alcoholic beverage likely a cognac. The company has released a statement saying that it will release the Dr.Dre co-branded drink called “Aftermath Cognac” within the next 60 days.

Now I know what you’re thinking who cares? We’ll they also say that the drink’s release will coincide with Dr.Dre’s next album, “Detox”, and will be part of the marketing of the album. This pretty much falls inline with what Dre told USA Today saying that “it would drop in November or December”.

Now if Dre has signed on to drop this cheesy cash grab brandy and release it at the same time as “Detox” then he has no choice but to drop the damn album this year. Right?

*Crosses fingers*

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