Drake’s “Thank Me Later” First Week Sales…

Drake’s Thank Me Later first week sales are in and the numbers are just under Gold certification (500k) with a total of 462,989. As a side note, Drake’s album has sold over to 80,000 in Canada, which by Canadian standards is platinum status.

Even though the Drake hype machine has died down, I do think these numbers are respectable because they are on par with what most big rap albums do these days. However, givin’ the hype around this album, I know Drake and his label expected “Lil Wayne numbers”, but without a “Lollipop” type joint that really wasn’t going to happen. We’ll see what the next up and comer can pull off first go.

Peep the pic of Drake with his platinum plaque in Toronto.
Drake First Week Sales

Photo by 1loveto.com


6 thoughts on “Drake’s “Thank Me Later” First Week Sales…

  1. congrats?

  2. Still did way better than YoRapper’s terrible smooth-jazz/gangsta-rap blended Christmas album he released years back. Although, “Merry Crip-mass” and “Jingle Balls” were quite good: excellent producing.

  3. LMMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Yorapper what Jose talkin bout???

  4. Guys hilarious.

  5. i think its a dissapointment, i mean yeah he compared to jay’s first week sales, but hes not going to have even close to the total numbers 6 months from now. the album from what i’ve heard of it within a few weeks everyone will have forgotten of it…

  6. i thought we all realized drake was just another rapper- he just happens to be canadian and a kid’s tv star and not a “trap star” if you will.

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