Drake’s Take Care First Week Sales Numbers…

Drake Take Care first week sales numbers

It looks like Drake is right on track with his 700k predictions as his sophomore album, Take Care, has sold 659k in its first week. To put these numbers into perspective, Drake’s first album Thank Me Later sold 463k in its first week last year and has since gone on to sell about 1.5 million copies.

A few months back we had a poll asking you if Drake’s buzz was anywhere near it was last year and most of you, including myself, said it wasn’t. I guess the jokes on us. Actually, I think his buzz has decreased since last year but his presence in terms of general fans has gone up. If you consider all the touring Drake has done within the last year, his dominance over radio, as well as social media presence (15 million Facebook Likes and 4 million Twitter followers), Drake has built in a lot of goodwill with the public. It’s similar to the position Lil Wayne was in with Tha Carter 4, where an artist doesn’t have to have number one hits on his album, to have a number one album.

In other Drake news, in an recent radio interview Drake admitted that he as well as other artists don’t make their money of sales, so he isn’t as concerned about album sales as he says touring and merchandising are much more lucrative. Listen to the interview below:

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