Drake Ruined 2Chainz, I Don’t Like Remix Destroys

Kind of funny that Kanye decided to pull the trigger on the highly anticipated “I Don’t Like (Remix)” on the same day 2 Chainz featuring Drake dropped “No Lie”.

No Lie

Anyway, Drake pretty much ruined 2 Chainz record. I can’t even listen to it and I’m a fan of Drake and Tity Boy. Not sure why they let Drake do his best 2 Chainz impression for his verse, but it’s embarrassingly bad. I know what Def Jam was thinking with releasing this as the first single: “Get Drake on the record and it will play on radio”, but we’ve seen that story a million times already. It’s boring. It’s played out. It’s predictable. Besides putting Drake on a hook is having diminishing returns. Having said that, I’m still looking forward to the 2 Chainz/Kanye record.

I Don’t Like Remix

This has been on repeat for the last 2 hours. This is new. This is interesting. A big name rap crew co-opting an unsigned 16 year old’s hood youtube record. Kanye’s a genius. Even Pusha came through with a MEAN verse! PUSHA, who hasn’t had a very good track record with these G.O.O.D Music street anthems. Kanye just fucking murdered this making up for the Mercy beat switch up. Chief Keef’s hook was obviously the main draw, catchy and dark. His verse isn’t anything great, a tough talking version of Soulja Boy and Lil b. Big Sean sounds like he inhaled helium before he hit the booth, he might want to stay away from trap beats. Jadakiss who hasn’t had a good verse since Why? is in rare form here, he’s more sharper and seems to finally realize what’s at stake.

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One thought on “Drake Ruined 2Chainz, I Don’t Like Remix Destroys

  1. Looks like Chief Keef’s producer is mad that Kanye remixed his beat. I guess he liked the blatant LexLuther beat insted of Kanye doing his thing on it. Chief needs another remix with Waka’s ad-libs

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