Drake “Over” Video

Drake drops the video to “Over” and like all other Drake videos’ it feels like something’s missing, plus it’s a Kanye rip-off.

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lTB1pIg1y0&feature=player_embedded /]


10 thoughts on “Drake “Over” Video

  1. track is fucking terrible.. not feeling drake at all man

  2. biting dead prez also

  3. nvm its bob marley originally :P

  4. where the fuck have music videos gone man? this pussy just sitting in a bed room with a projector on him.

    where the 24s and the girls shakin there asses at?

  5. Mental I feel you fam…I should be Drakes new video director…cause they’re tryin to bury this niggas career. lol
    His solo videos are TERRIBLE…

  6. honestly i think the video is pretty cool.

  7. it’s not a bad video, it just ain’t what drake should be doing right now. homeboy should be goin’ hard on somethin, not cryin’ about some shit in an all white room

  8. YO, the video is got to be this nig… er, what does he consider himself???? Any who, the video is this guys Achilles heel!!! Though, I kinda liked BEST I EVER HAD, but this one is trash and Im only like 45 seconds into it!!!! Song HOT enough to overcome it though.. Wait, the ending kind of hard. Oh, what is with him and that hand shit he be doing??? GAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY LOL

  9. anyone ever noticed how he keeps whipping back and forth when standing in front of a camera? kind of annoying..

  10. fuck april fools this nigga is gay, i don’t care if he can rap

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