Drake Interview with Angie Martinez

Drake Comeback Season

Drake gets his first interview with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez before he has an album out. Even though it’s kinda short, it’s still a big move. It looks like YoRapper’s prophecy is going to come true. Looks like I’m 2/2.

[audio:drake interview angie.mp3]

Here’s the video of the Drake interview with Angie Martinez.
[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRBE4BNKHkc /]


11 thoughts on “Drake Interview with Angie Martinez

  1. Drake is tha hottest rapper out rite now and could be one of the greatest to do it because he keep it real and not portray that gangsta image dat most rappers do. plus he actually got vacals unlike wayne wit the vocoder and some of the thowest lyrics point blank he gone be big.

  2. I disagree with traptyla one of the greatest to do it?
    His flow is increidible though,

  3. he’s good but way too young to call one of the greatest…

  4. age is just a number, how old when nas dropped illmatic?

    1. Nas was 21 when Illmatic came out.

  5. nah this niggas bogus forest hills bougie nigga,fukem and his rich mamita

  6. Yea but dat new cut “best I eva had” shows he got the talent. Rapin and singin

  7. drake is talented but he has officially sold his soul to commercialism. he is no better than wayne now as far as i’m concerned. the boppers & wannabes have corrupted and tainted another good soul.


  9. Drake is talented and is the best rapper i have ever heard so whoever thinks he’s not fit or talented can fuckin stop giving stupid comments alright!

  10. who really cares…..He’s a handsome young man with potential and talent! Who his mother is makes no difference….commercialism…who cares anyway? We all gotta eat…..you only gotta be true to yourself! Whats real for one might not necessarily be real for another! Give the brother a break!

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