Drake Blackberry’d His Way Through Flex Freestyle?

When I first heard Drake spit a “freestyle” on Flex show the other night I actually thought he was spitting memorized verses, it turns out he was scrolling through his Blackberry reading his rhymes! Drake lost a few points here because all the pauses to find lyrics are so lame. Now I’m starting to wonder if Jay-Z does the same thing? Nah, not Jay.

[flashvideo file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uKSeyYFGRo /]

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14 thoughts on “Drake Blackberry’d His Way Through Flex Freestyle?

  1. Heard a comment today, Drake compared himself to Jay-Z, and J Cole to Nas. Bunk to say the least. YOU WISH DRAKE!! These dudes might be makin’ money, ain’t gotta clue about hip hop. New genre for these guys “Commercial HIP HOP” lol. These dudes lack heart. rip eyedea

  2. “Can I do dat?”

    Doesn’t he sound kinda minstrel…?

  3. I mean, forreal forreal, if a rap sounds good does it matter if it was a freestyle or a written verse? Look at T.I. and his Paper Trail album…fact is, Drake just sounds good and I’d buy his written raps over almost any other rappers’ freestyle except Em, Jay, Nas, and a few others…no…what really bothered me was all that extra shit…”Can I do that?” “New York” “Touch the city” “You gotta understand…” That shit was just annoying and fake sounding

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