Don’t Tell Anyone How Much Money You Have

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“Don’t let no one know, how much dough you hold, ’cause you know, the cheddar breed jealously especially if that man f*cked up, get your ass stuck up.”-Notorious B.I.G.

The line referenced above is rule #1 from one of Biggie’s most classic songs, “The Ten Crack Commandments“. In that song, Big gives out advise to would-be crack hustlers on what you should and shouldn’t do as a dealer in the game. Today I want to elaborate on rule #1 don’t tell anyone how much money you make whether your caking or flat broke.

When you make a lot of money and have been poor most of your life, you probably want to “share” it with as many people as possible, and at the same time “brag” and “stunt” as much as possible, because damn it feels good to have a lot of money right? Let me tell you, keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anyone how much money your making and I mean anyone, not some strangers, not your friends, and certainly not your family or girlfriend. Why?

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

If you are boosting to strangers you are just asking to get jacked up, so you deserve it. But boosting to your friends who may not be doing as well as you, will only lead to feelings of jealousy from them and you will likely end up isolated. If you have a girlfriend, it’s okay to tell her, as long as you’ve been with her long enough and have developed that kind of trust but make sure you tell her not to tell her chicken head friends -remember your girlfriend’s friends are some of the most jealous people and are to be considered a threat even when money isn’t involved. Finally, don’t tell your parents, if you have a ghetto mom like me, never ever ever tell her how much you make or even where you work. I made that mistake early on and my mom would blab on to all my extended family and her friends and to make a long story short, there’s nothing worst than 60 year old dudes asking you for money advice or even asking you for money.

Everyday Struggle

Now if your not caking and are in fact, flat broke, don’t tell anyone your broke either. Everyday someone tells me there broke, like I care. But let me explain to you how you telling everyone your broke affects your future potential to make money. By you telling your friends, family, your girl, basically the whole world, your broke, you pretty much are putting a bad energy into the universe that admits defeat. This bad energy is really a reflection of you and you are ultimately telling yourself that you are broke and are not worth it. Having this kind of attitude will not give you the required confidence to succeed in whatever it is your doing and like most broke people, you will give up prematurely. Let me say this again, because I think its mad important.

Don’t tell anyone your broke, because by doing so your really telling yourself that you cannot make money. It’s not the “money” part that matters, it’s the part about telling yourself you cannot do something. If you want to get that job, don’t want it, get it. If you want to be a movie star, don’t want it, become one. If you want anything, stop wanting, and go out and get it. But that’s enough preaching for one day, now go on, get that money.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Anyone How Much Money You Have

  1. Let ’em know!

  2. I’m broke

  3. you are right man..i ve been poor all my life and when i manage to make some money it created reactions..i ended lying about my pocket cause all my lazy friends who were supported by their families reacted strange feeling jealous…thats a difficult situation to manage..i love some of my old friendw but iam not honest knowadays..

  4. Thanks this is very helpful. I never looked at it this way. Insiteful..

  5. I told my friend how much money I was saving while he did not work and collected welfare. I LEARNED AN IMPORTANT LESSON IN LIFE! I woke up homeless and had no where to go. Now I shut my big mouth and no longer speaks to him.

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