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As you guys may or may not know this site has blown up over the last three months and continues to generate more and more visitors every day. I can’t believe it. I am so grateful that yall come here for your hip hop shit, cause I think I put up stuff no one else has or I look at things in a way no else does. You will have also noticed I update the site from morning to night (yup I have no job or nothing else better to do). I am a student of this hip hop shit and am here to serve yall with the craziest things I can find. As far as album and movie reviews goes, we got that shit on lock. Your getting the real from YoRapper. We rated Soldiers Boy’s album zero stars!

Only two things are lacking from this site. First original interviews, in the New Year, I’m going to step my interview game up and get original interviews from today’s hottest stars (using only the connections YoRapper has) and I’m going to keep it really funky. You rappers out there better watch out. Secondly, I’ve tried my best to update the look of the site, but I am not a computer dude at all (though this site has taught me a lot). My goal for Jan/Feb is to give the site a fresh new design, you know one of those cool hip hop site looks with all the gizmos. I’ve looked into hiring one of these computer nerds to do it up for me and it’s looking like it will cost between $500 and $700, but knowing how picky I am costs will probably be in the g-note range.

If you look to the left of this, you will notice a donation box, if you click on it you are taking to your paypal account where you can donate $1.00 to All money raised from this box will be used to pay for the new site design. So if you enjoy this site and appreciate the hard work and effort I put into this site, please give $1.00. I know it’s only a buck but I have a good feeling all of you will come through to make the new site design possible.

XXL says there hip hop on a higher level, we’ll were hip hop on a lower level -the street level. Thank you so much for donating to help raise money for new site design. If you are unable to give a dollar thanks anyway for checking out Now go donate $1 buck!

Let’s Get Em.

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