Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Racist Rant

Do the Bounty Hunter

Here we go again. The National Enquirer, of all publications, has recently released an audio recording of Duane “Dog” Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, from the self entitled TV show on A&E. Apparently, Dog was none to happy about his son Tucker, (who has just been released from prison serving 20 years on drug charges!), dating a black women. Here’s theaudio and transcript of what went down.

Duane “Dog” Chapman: I don’t care if she’s a Mexican, a whore or whatever. It’s not because she’s black, it’s because we use the word ni**er sometimes here. I’m not gonna take a chance ever in life of losing everything I’ve worked for for 30 years because some fucking ni**er heard us say ni**er and turned us in to the Enquirer magazine. Our career is over! I’m not taking that chance at all! Never in life! Never! Never! If Lyssa [Dog’s daughter] was dating a ni**er, we would all say ‘fuck you!’ And you know that. If Lyssa brought a black guy home ya da da… it’s not that they’re black, it’s none of that. It’s that we use the word ni**er. We don’t mean you fucking scum ni**er without a soul. We don’t mean that shit. But America would think we mean that. And we’re not taking a chance on losing everything we got over a racial slur because our son goes with a girl like that. I can’t do that Tucker. You can’t expect Gary, Bonnie, Cecily, all them young kids to [garbled] because ‘I’m in love for 7 months’ – fuck that! So, I’ll help you get another job but you can not work here unless you break up with her and she’s out of your life. I can’t handle that shit. I got ’em in the parking lot trying to record us. I got that girl saying she’s gonna wear a recorder…

Tucker Chapman: I don’t even know what to say.

Me neither. Nas really is Nastradamus. We need that NIGGER album more than ever homie! Incidentally, A&E has released this statement,

A&E has just learned of the story released by the National Enquirer concerning Duane Dog Chapman. We take this matter very seriously. Pending an investigation, we have suspended production on the series. When the inquiry is concluded we will take appropriate action.

So let’s now add Dog to Racist Island along side Kramer and Don Imus. 2007 is shaping up to be the year of the Racist Rant.

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3 thoughts on “Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Racist Rant

  1. I think the dog was just being real, unfortunately he is a real racist.What do you expect from white trash , who happens to luck out and get a TV show. I am more concerned about the black woman who is trying to date a loser who has been in jail for 20 years. She is the one who needs help. What's up with that my sister?

  2. I am more disgusted and outraged by what his parolee, low life son did, by secretly recording him!!! I understand what Dog said was offensive, but I am more offended by his son's sneaky behavior. What a scumbag his son is!!!

    I have always been a huge fan of Dog and his family and staff, and they do A LOT of good to get the Meth problem under control the best they can!!!

  3. I just found this good link that examines the real issues and posts a link for the actual conversation.

    It's at… and says that A&E Stops Production of Dog the Bounty Hunter TV Series – Are Racial Slurs in a Private Phone Conversation the Reason?

    I just listened to the recorded conversation now and I am disgusted.

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