Does 50 Cent’s Charity Hurt His Image?

50 Cent has been on a charitable drive recently with his energy drink Street King providing 2.5 million meals to help fight hunger in Africa. ABC News did a segment on Fifty’s time in Somalia where he was on a U.N. sanctioned mission (so you know it’s real). One of the themes of the report was how Fifty’s image as the “tough guy” would be hurt by his charitable contributions. Even Fifty admitted that his fans may not get what he’s trying to do nor does he care if they get it.

As someone that only cares about the music, I think it’s good that Fifty’s giving back because it will likely help him grow as an artist. It’s safe to say no one is really checking for Fifty’s music anymore. But imagine if Fifty did more positive music except did it with an edge? If you watch the segment, there’s a part where Fifty feels shy to perform for the Somalia children because it wouldn’t be appropriate. Imagine if he made songs that we’re? I suppose that’s something for him to figure out creatively, but I think it would be a better artistic decision than him rehashing ol’ street tales.

Besides it isn’t really possible for Fifty to go back to the “street stuff” especially after he called Rick Ross out for never having lived that life. Fifty needs to realize his appeal wasn’t about his tough guy image anyway, it was about him being genuine (much like it is for every artist). The further he strays from this, the worse is music seems to get [sidebar: Rick Ross is probably the only exception to this rule]. My challenge to Fifty Cent, and maybe every ol’ rapper, is to make genuine music where you actually sound like you’re inspired. It’s not because your old that you’re not good anymore, it’s because you’re not being real.

I highly recommend you watch Fifty’s trip to Somalia below.


2 thoughts on “Does 50 Cent’s Charity Hurt His Image?

  1. always thought fifty was a funny dude. good to see him do some things that really matter. i totally agree with you but i really cant see fifty do inspirational songs and move away from the gangsta shit. it would probably end up like t.i. songs about never giving up (which were all horrible and annoying). so what else is there for him to rap about? 

    1. Hahaha that’s so true about T.I. and probably would apply to Fifty. But I think if Fifty could do it with creativity and not go back to street stuff like T.I., then it would seem more credible. Like he’s really changed. But this is just wishful thinking.

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