Do You Know What Today Is? It’s Our Aniversary.

Biggie with a gun

It was all a dream, I used to allhiphop my screen/
then i reviewed kanye’s graduation mean/
and what do you know the whole world start to fien/
for a real hip hop blog to takeover the scene/

i only started this site caused i quit my day job/
and needed something to do, until something taked off/
little did i know that this site would cake off/
and it make it to one year and actually pay off/

ive seen sites come and ive seen sites go/
and as far as im concerned the competition is hoes/
each one of these posts, is just another asset/
to keep adding revenue, to my adsense/

but i aint care bout the money, i just do it for the love/
like how my Carter 3 review made the wayne stans grow up/
matter fact im starting to think these wayne fans so nuts/
cause they think im lil wayne the way they comments post up/

Haha I’m just playen’ around. Today is’s one year anniversary (September 4th). And I gotta say, “wow we’ve come so far”. Man this site was soooooooo ugly for the first few months, now its so fresh and so clean. Here’s to the second year of building the future of this rap shit and to the end of the hip hop magazine. I gotta give props to all of you for coming day in and day out, yall are what make this shit pop off.

I believe props are in order.

3 thoughts on “Do You Know What Today Is? It’s Our Aniversary.

  1. Congrats man…keep it up.

    By the way, >>>

  2. Yeah, straight out the dungeons of tha internet
    Where fake n****s don’t make it back
    I don’t know how to start this yo

    bloggers yall monkey flip em with the funky rythym well written
    no quitting Jay z (lawyers) inflictin Infringement
    been here since tha begining
    Insane, kepp it real with mcain and cocaine
    Killing Magazines , with the comp yall extreme, now
    bulletholes left in the keyboard
    Suited up for mo’ people
    Fuck Papa Bill O’ For real though
    Locking down on zshare & youtube
    got the illest reviews
    music plus movies too
    First the forums now yall mobile
    Yorapper, yall be Taking over
    Since a year alot’s done changed
    like the old banner sayin 50 is gay
    for real I owe alot of thanks
    Without that review I’d never listen to joe Budden
    Then all a sudden 5 stars aint frontin
    All I knew was pump pump pump pump it up and
    Even got a link Were da booty at, 1 night stands
    Another thing for all them weezy baby stans?(well they probably be too young anyways)
    But appreciations from all the real hip hop fans
    Beyond the walls of intelligence, life be defined
    one up on nahright, when I’m in a bloggin online

    lmfao sorry about that, I had to do it
    But Yo for real congratulations, you know I’ve been coming through as much as i could since this thing started. keep it up Think Big son, peace >>>>>

  3. holy shit that was sick.


    “Since a year alot’s done changed
    like the old banner sayin 50 is gay”

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