DMX Becoming a UFC Fighter?

As if DMX hasn’t gone through enough, he’s schedule to fight on the undercard against Eric Martinez, who is apart of DMX’s management. I suppose this is just a “fun bet” to settle something or another since DMX can’t use his dogs for entertainment anymore.

The match is scheduled for December 12th. Peep out the flyer.

DMX UFC fighter


4 thoughts on “DMX Becoming a UFC Fighter?

  1. this is so funny.

  2. Why won’t dmx just sign 2 fight wolfgang murder mouth aka ksolo they both can fight they hate each other and the hold rap world would pay top dollar 2 see that fight ksolo in cali with rampages brother big prem dmx would have his hands full…..

  3. k solo vs dmx would like ali vs frazer the underground would love 2 see this wolf vs pitbull i got ksolo in the 2nd dmx cant handle the speed or power fuck the ruff riders im rolling with the road warriorz all the way on this one GOD is good !!!!

  4. Well I’ve seen ksolo myspace page the headline reads. I dare dmx2 make this fight happen and x had 2 see it rite there I no ksolo wrote it x is a crackhead ksolo will hurt that dude x don’t want 2 square up with a guy who’s been fighting. Dam near his whole life plus who names there team after abox of condums abunch of dicks lol

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