Diddy’s “Starmaker” TV Show Commericial

Diddy’s coming out with his own version of American Idol called “Starmaker”. Peep out the commercial for it above. I’m not sure I’m going to watch -since I’m not sure if the contestants are going to have a chance to physically fight or at least verbally abuse each other (or even have to walk to Mexico for burritos for Puff).


2 thoughts on “Diddy’s “Starmaker” TV Show Commericial

  1. You’d think people would get it by now.This man has had what…FOUR tv shows? Now he’s gettin two more? This man is making SPECTACLES out of people! He doesn’t want artists…he wants the millions that the networks pay him to make these people live in these crazy ass settings. At the end of the day he doesn’t wanna work with these people…they go home back where they came from. Shall we start naming names of all the careers this man has fucked up? And real talk…I hope Shyne has this nigga touched. Cause he’s a snake…i’m done venting.

  2. I guess by this point, the contestants ( if you can even call them that). Know for certain diddy isnt going to launch them to be the next superstar but they’re in it for the publicity, exposure its gonna bring them

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