Diddy Boning Cassie

Diddy Cassie

According to the NY Post,

December 10, 2007 — SEAN “Diddy” Combs is in love again. The hip-hop mogul made the decision to “cut off the various girls he has around the world” and settle down with on-and-off flame Cassie – at least for now. “She recently broke up with her boyfriend, and they’re in Miami together now,” our source said of the singer. Friends on both sides of the camp are whispering about their reunion. “They’re holed up together in Miami, very low-key. He’s really in love with her,” said the insider.

Tell me something I don’t know, like if we have sex you don’t want no dough.

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One thought on “Diddy Boning Cassie

  1. Dayam, Cassie is looking sweet in that pic……. damn half Filipinos

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