Diddy Acquires Enyce Clothing

Diddy and Jay-Z

Diddy just but out a pr that he’s bought the clothing company Enyce. How much he spent was not disclosed but I bet with the recession and Enyce’s declining sales he got it for the low.

Here’s what Diddy Trumph had to say about the deal,

Enyce is a brand that I have always admired, and they have been a very important player in the young men’s sportswear arena for over a decade. I am really excited to bring it into our portfolio of brands that already includes Sean John and Zac Posen. Given our track record of success in marketing products such as Ciroc Vodka, Unforgivable by Sean John, and all of our television titles, I look forward to adding our expertise to an already hot fashion line. Our long-term plan is to grow the Enyce brand through innovative marketing, expansion of the menswear and boy’s lines, and launching into new licensing categories. The current economic climate may be challenging, but we believe it is also an opportunity, and we are really excited to add Enyce to our lineup.

Zac posen is sooo like hmmm cool like oh my god.

Now Enyce ain’t that bad, it’s just played out. The business of designer clothes is a tough one. There is much competition, and not many companies were able to successfully ride out the economic crisis. Price, style and image need to match, immaculately. Enyce needs a boost. Their new designs are okay, maybe Diddy can turn it into something fresh again. But this still begs the question…

**Update** Diddy shoots a vlog of his Enyce acquisition. He apparently purchased the clothing line for clearance section prices at $20 million. Previously Liz Claiborne bought Enyce for $114 million in 2003 but because of declining sales they really didn’t know what to do with it. Diddy came through and scooped it up for a 90% discount.

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  1. Seems like Diddy is talking to whomever will listen to him (including himself), about his purchase of Enyce. I commend him though. Very very smart biz move. With Sean John covering the higher end and Enyce covering the lower end of the price range, he’ll be making money hand over fist.

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