Dear HipHop Sites regarding Kanye’s Mom.

Kanye West

Dear Hip Hop Sites,

Yes I’m talking to all of yall. Even though we are all competitors, and is scraping away your market share little by little everyday. I just want to talk to yall about how we should handle the passing of Kanye’s mom. As most of yall have already reported she has passed and that’s where we should leave it. We’ll leave the gossip to the gossip sites, in fact if you expect YoRapper to report on anything regarding the passing of Kanye’s Mom you are not going to find it here. In fact, here’s a link to a great gossip site if you are interested that is covering all the gossip of the incident (click here ). Once again, I ask all yall hip hop sites out there to show some class and to not report any of the surroundings of the death of Mrs. West out of respect for Kanye and respect for yourself and hip hop as a whole. Imagine your own mom passed, that would crush any man, no need to kick ’em while he’s down. Kanye my man, YoRapper sends its condolences, we got you!

“Stop haten on a nigga, that is a weak emotion, the lady of a nigga” -Lil Wayne

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