Dame Dash “Where’s the Love?”

The guy best known for throwing a tantrum at Def Jam offices, cussing out random guys on the Hard Knock Life Tour and pouring cris on skinny white chicks, is asking the age old question where’s the love.

Dame Dash reacts to the Jay-Z/Beanie Sigel beef and apparently he’s rocking to a different tune these days, not to mention the Urkel glasses he swagger jacked from Hov.

I’m not the type of guy to lose his friends…really.” – Dame Dash


2 thoughts on “Dame Dash “Where’s the Love?”

  1. Wow…I feel bad for Dame. I always respected his buisness mentality. I remember on Backstage he was PISSED because they sent the group Def Jam jackets instead of Rocafella jackets! Plus it seems like he’ll get your bizz done for you…and party harder at the end of the day! lol

  2. These gentlemen mostly come from humble beginings with way less than a mill’ in the bank. To accomplish what Jay, Dame, Puff, DJ Scratch, and many others has is huge in itself. Dame being “broke” is like the average person having 300G in the bank see it? Technically stil ahead of the game. He has some work to do, but he’s a smart brother. I worked at 1501 Bdwy and saw Dame alot. My freind Tone worked with D managing Rell, I have a flick from a chic at EZ Pass of Jay Z & myself b4 Jay bcame supersized. I used to see Jay in VA when I went down with my squad. My man B used 2 DJ in Marcy, etc so I grew up in the elements and know the state of mind. Let Dame live, he’ll be just fine, better than most of us. Peace

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