Curren$y Leaves Lil Wayne’s Label Young Money


In this YoRapper exclusive, we have just learned Rapper Curren$y has has parted ways with his label Young Money Entertainment which is owned by Lil Wayne. If you’ve heard any of Lil Wayne’s mixtapes (there’s like a 1000 of ’em) you’ll for sure have heard Curren$y, he’s not bad, seems very influenced by Ma$e. Here’s what Curren$y had to say via his myspace blog,

Sorry yall i tried…..honest

I officially declare my independence on this 16th day of December 2007….I AM NOT YOUNG MONEY….regardless of what u may hear in da streets,read on the web or hear on the radio I AM NOT YOUNG MONEY….If that loses me friends r fans thats just something i will live with but i will get my just due in this rap game b4 its all said and done…..Dont look 4 any beef records from me cuzz that aint my thing, just look 4 me at the top…str8 up… 1 out

We know Lil Wayne recently stepped down as president of Young Money to focus more on his artistry. Curren$y probably left because he wasn’t getting any attention what with everyone getting high and drinking lean from styrofoam cups and all.

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6 thoughts on “Curren$y Leaves Lil Wayne’s Label Young Money

  1. dudes a monster…

  2. What Curren$y and the rest of them niggas do with they lives is their business. If they wanna drink they drank out styrofoam cups, LET EM’ what’s shit on you? don’t come at the world with this ish.. no one gives a shit what YOU think nigga hiding behind yo computer screen just doing some useless job that no ones paying no attention to. Get off yo thrown and step your shit up.

  3. its throne, not thrown.

  4. hahahah pete’s a faggot

  5. spitta killa

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