Cousin Jeff Defends Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Cousin Jeff

Ain’t a damn thing going on today, it’s getting irritating. The Royce 5’9/Mistah Fab beef is not worth a mention to me (I guess it is). [Here’s Royce’s latest diss to Fab]. Biggest thing right now is Cousin Jeff trying to be the next Al Sharpton by making “thought provoking” email statement about Dog the Bounty Hunter’s racist rant. For all those not aware, Cousin Jeff, more formally known as Jeff Johnson is that “cool guy” preacher BET props up on their “youth” oriented shows to appeal to the middle-class Black conservatives (and maybe turn a few kids lives around) [sidebar: not buying it]. I really have no clue about what this guy is ranting about, maybe some of yall can help me. He says,

I appreciate Duane’s [Dog the Bounty Hunter] self-awareness in saying (in so many words), “I am a racist, so stay away from me”. I have more respect for an honest racist who admits their feelings, than a lying two-face that talks about tolerance and acceptance (even privately), yet can’t stand anyone different than himself or herself. Black leadership needs to focus its attention on the legitimate, systemic institutional racism that continues to plague this nation from top to bottom. But that is a harder fight than targeting a lone bigot, not worth the energy. Legitimate leadership should begin to recognize that.

Huh, what does Black leadership have to do with this? So your saying we shouldn’t go after Dog? Black people are not even the one’s going at him, it was The National Enquirer that “entrapped” poor Dog. It is the whole media and ultimately us (regardless of race, I might ad) that are going after Dog. Just like we did with Kramer and Imus. I’m sorry but going after these individuals does accomplish more than complaining about the agenda of Black leadership because;

(1) There is no Black leadership. Every Black person is their own person. Just as every other human being is there own person. To have a collective leader of a race, who is self appointed, (*hint*hint*cough*cough) is demeaning.

(2) All people, regardless of race, who are against racism are the one’s feeding Dog to the wolves (haha get it). I may say some disparaging things about white people, but in these instances (even if they are just to get ratings) I am happy white people are burning up racist such as Dog, Kramer, and Imus. It only goes to show you how far we have all come along and that systemic institutional racism, albeit still apart of society, is slowing disappearing. Racism will not go away when Black leadership gets its act together, but when everyone gets their act together ya digg.

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