Computer Virus Shut Down My Internet: Free Anti Virus

Computer Virus

So today I get a call from my internet service provider saying they are shutting down my internet because I have a “trojan” on my computer (big deal, I have a stack of trojans under my bed). So dude tries to get all technical with me and I was lost, but I think he was just rebel rousing. Anyway, I just told him I run the best hip hop site in the world and need to have “tha innanet” popping otherwise I would lose everything.

So he tells me I just have to install an anti-virus program. I asked him which is the best one, best meaning free. He told me to download some program. So I said okay and then I called him back five minutes later and said I installed it and all the viruses are gone. He said some long ass user agreement speech and I said “yeah yeah whatever” and then he turned the fountain back on. Funny thing was I hadn’t even downloaded that virus killer.

But then after a while, (few hours later), I looked up the program he told me to get (it’s called Cyber Defender) and downloaded it and what the *bleep* do you know I got trojans out the wa-zoo. I never click on any non-sense, how the hell did these things get onto my computer. I looked into it and apparently there are “holes” in your internet browser, particularly in the java script function (I know I’ve lost you), that these computer nerds manipulate to deliver these trojans onto your computer. What they mainly use these trojans to do is access your email address with your service provider to email the whole world free viagra and penis enlargement pills. Bastards!

I downloaded the goods, it cleared up all the viruses, trojans, and spyware chilling on my PC. I’m going to endorse Cyber Defender here and tell everyone to download it and see if your computer has aids. You may be surprised at what you find. Even if you already have an anti-virus program, download this one anyway as I was told by my internet teckie its the best free one out there as it is constantly updated, blah, blah, blah. Get protection.

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