Cocaine is a Hella of Drug

You know it’s crazy, almost every other week, I hear about a friend or someone I used to know that sniffs that white stuff. It’s shocking because, I always had this moral principle (which I learned through this rap music) that being a dust head just isn’t cool. I mean look how disrespectful we are toward fiends as if they are sub-human or zombies. Cocaine references have always been a part of hip hop culture and I always thought that we were being warned to stay away from the white stuff because it is a loser drug. For the record, I have never tried it, and am vehemently against ever trying it ever.

I had or have (not sure) a good friend that started sniffing sometime last year when his girl dumped him for another dude and I knew he was going to get addicted because if there’s anything everyone should know about cocaine is that it is insanely addictive. Over the last year my friend’s appearance has gone from normal and healthy looking to zombie like. He hardly returns my calls and when I do see him, he looks really messed up -he’s lost a lot of weight and always looks tired. He avoids me, because I obviously give him hell about his drug problem, but I’m sure anyone would if they were in my position.

So since it’s really up to my friend to get his life on track himself (since I can’t save him). I want to share with everyone some info I found about the kind of side-effects cocaine causes in the hopes that none of you will ever dare try it out. Now I know this is mad corny, and it’s obvious I’m trying to save someone else with this info, but whatevers. Here are some reasons why you don’t want to ever try cocaine.

Short Term Effects

    Increased blood pressure
    Constricted blood vessels
    Dilated pupils
    Mental alertness
    Increased energy
    Increased heart rate
    Decreased appetite
    Increased temperature

Long Term Effects

    Heart disease
    Heart attacks
    Respiratory failure
    Gastrointestinal problems
    Blurred vision
    Chest pain
    Muscle spasms
    Auditory hallucinations
    Mood disturbances

Now if you’ve read this far and still want to try cocaine your crazy. I know you may be around it, but this is a drug you do not want to experiment with because it’s really hard to turn back. Also keep in mind, the financial cost cocaine use will have on you? Do you have any idea how much a gram is going for these days? Way too much. Not only that but the dependence you set yourself up for by doing coke will set your life back years…shoot you could even die. Need I say more?

4 thoughts on “Cocaine is a Hella of Drug

  1. I’m not putting my name up on here, but just to add a little to this my boy passed just two weeks ago from this shit, he was in a coma then just ugh the shit isn’t a fucking joke. It doesn’t matter whether you are the biggest kid, the smallest kid, you got paper, or your shit poor, whether your white black brown or fucking green, where you live or who you got the shit from. Ugh The shit just aint cool. Now fucking all the potential everything the kid could have had its gone, a life used as a warning now, you dont want that. If you got problems there are people that will listen, and there are people that will help you, but you have to help yourself before you can let anyone help you first. and if are in that position where you think you need to check yourself, then do it, because whether you realize it you got people that love you, just think about your mother, or your sister, or your kid brother, or if you got kids and your doing this stuff its dispicable. Sorry for this rambling therapy session here but sraight up its good that your putting stuff up here like this.

  2. To ‘anonymous’.

    Beautifully put. It really makes you think. Why the hell would anyone want to risk their life for an hour or so of high? There are so many great things in life, that last longer, and don’t screw you over.

    If you don’t mind I might edit your comment and start an e-mail chain. It would be a great testimony. E-mail me at [email protected]

  3. ity fuklin awesome man

  4. you are a fucking idiot, cocaine lasts maybe 15-20 minutes max
    cocaine is great
    cocaine binges are not.

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