Clinton Supporter Blames Jay-Z for Barack Obama?


Geraldine Ferraro. the Clinton supporter who made the brilliant analysis that Obama was only winning because he was Black (note the sarcasm), has come out today saying Barack Obama has been sexist toward Hilary Clinton. Here’s what happened, video up top.

Asked to cite specific examples of Obama’s sexism, Ferraro mentioned the Senator’s “Annie Oakley” remark, and then seemed to confuse Obama’s use of a gesture referencing hip-hop star Jay-Z’s song “Dirt Off Your Shoulder.” But in that song, Jay espouses a certain level of gender equity, specifically noting that “Ladies is pimps, too, go and brush your shoulders off.” Had Obama cited “99 Problems,” of course, he would have opened himself up to criticism from Ferraro, though, in Jay’s defense, “99 Problems” specifically references a time back in ’94 when his trunk was raw, and in the rearview was constantly the mother—-ing law.

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