Chick Slapped on Indian Reality Show

Hahhahaha “How can she slap”. This made my day.

All my Indianos I need a translation.

4 thoughts on “Chick Slapped on Indian Reality Show

  1. Just a quicky for the good terminology?

    Maderchod – motherf*cker
    bhanchod – sister f*cker

    Everything else in Hindi is various usage of these words in odd insulting sentences.

    Last few words:

    bhan ki lorha – ‘your sister’s c*ck’

    Hope this adds to the wonder that is the Indian pimp slamp.

  2. fuck is up with this show?

  3. That F**cking Bitch deserves that slap.. If I were there I would have striped that bitch in public and her pimp

  4. F***cking Indian Bitch

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