Charles Hamilton “Word? Aight” (Soulja Boy Diss)


You know by taking the “I don’t care” approach, Hamilton is leaving himself open to an all out verbal assault from Soulja Boy -who being way more famous could actually elevate his lyrical credibility. But who am I kidding? I’m pretty sure Soulja Boy’s going to respond with his own “I don’t care” record, he’ll just have more stuff to boast about.

4 thoughts on “Charles Hamilton “Word? Aight” (Soulja Boy Diss)

  1. lmfao he could have done better i feel like, but I’m happy someone his own age is saying somethign so he can’t pull this “why mess with me im too young bullshit, lmfao thinking about it charles hamilton is going to be madd easy to diss, but it is soljiah boi, and hamiltons going to come back so much ahrder on the response, so I call if soljiah boi is smart and wants to win this, get his boy Arab or the get silly kid to show he really doesn’t care, get a little lyrical and hamilton will look like a jackass instead hip hop purist.

  2. THis is the nerd vs. the class clown

  3. Charles should have went in.

  4. charles wud break soulja boy in half…dude aint shit wen it comes to lyrics n beefin’…he aint goin put out a diss song cuz he can’t rap…shit if he did i be impressed but um pretty sure it aint goin happen he jus goin put out some dumbass videos tht he tlk on…

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