Charles Hamilton “The Perfect Life” Cover Art x Track List

Charles Hamilton Perfect Life

Peep the cover art and track list to Charles Hamilton’s The Perfect Life album. The cover art is hmmm interesting…

The Perfect Life Track List
1 “Barbara Walters” “Geronimo” by The Shadows
2 “Three Pound Bullet” Street Player” by Chicago
3 “Ghosts” “Tom’s Diner” by Susan Vega
4 “Post-Lynching Ceremony” “Persuader’s Theme” by John Berry
5 “All Alone”
6 “Cable in the Classroom” “To the Other Man” by Luther Ingram
7 “Baby” “Super Sonic” by Zodiac
8 “Disambiguation”
9 “Tears of Fire” Crooked I “I Come Undone” by Jennifer Rush
10 “Long Socks” SHow TuFli “The Mess We’re In” by PJ Harvey
11 “Rosado” Aja Monet Kiss of Life” by Sade


7 thoughts on “Charles Hamilton “The Perfect Life” Cover Art x Track List

  1. Maybe…if we just ignore him he’ll go away. For real…all the lame ass controversy surrounding this dude…i’m not even feelin his vibe anymore…and then this album cover. SOMEBODY better TELL me by word of mouth that he has some serious heat on there…cause I’M NOT LISTENING!

  2. You see the rapppers of Detroit getting upset with Hamilton claiming Dilla was the exec. producer?

  3. Wow Fred’s mad.

  4. aite he never claimed he exec. produced it. he felt since he was such an influence they had some sort of connection paranormally… that sounds weird and all but i understand what he was trying to do. and trust me dude at the top.. this album should not dissapoint

  5. and why would u want someone whose putting decent music out to go away with all the shitty music out there, thats some ignorant shit

  6. Yo Y yll gotta hat on this man he aint fuxkin wit yall he doin his damn thing just keep this in mind ”if u dont like the music u can press fast forward”-jay-z 99 problems- Charles do ya thing yo fuxk these pussy nigguhz out here…i aint from harlem but HARLEM STAND DA FUCK UP YA DIGG!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Word to mouth is this album is a straight up classic i’m so sorry interscope shelved it. I hope they allowed charles to bring this project with him since they dropped him and he releases it on another label cuz hearing this project mastered would be an incredible piece of work

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