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If you think rappers get into it, you should see these politicians.

McCain “Mayors and Governors Can’t Handle National Security”

[youtube:] Politics is a lot like rap, because you have to really watch what you say. Here is a clip of McCain during the Republican debates took a shot at Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani for being a governor and a mayor. So I supposed Sarah Palin isn’t ready either? But we already knew that.

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Obama Jabs McCain in 2 New Ads

Obama makes fun of McCain’s age and incompetence in the first spot, which is great because McCain is too old to run a variety store. And I would not be comfortable with a crazy white lady running the free world because she would end up using nukes on Cuba. (more…)

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Barack Obama on Late Night with David Letterman


Barack Obama sat down with David Letterman for an hour long interview last night (September 10th). In this first segment, Barack Obama dispels the “lipstick on a pig” analogy, the campaign, Sarah Palin’s rise in fame and McCain’s dirty politics. Part 2 inside. (more…)

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Why Can’t Obama Put Out Sleezy Ads Against McCain?

Why are all girls named Cassandra hot (and are strippers)? Why does my girl think I don’t pay attention to her? Why do I eat at BK so much? Who do the people that write off Joe Budden only know “pump it up” and think they have made an informed judgment? Why does the mainstream […]

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Bill O’Reilly Interviews Barack Obama Part 4

[youtube:] The final part of the Bill O’Reilly interview with Barack Obama. In this part the two discuss Europe’s disinterest to join the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama’s energy plan, the beef between Russia and their neighbors and Bill O challenges Obama to a pick game.

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Bill O’Reilly Interviews Barack Obama Part 3

[youtube:] Bill O’Reilly talks with Barack Obama about Rev. Wright, Daily Kos, and Bill Ayers. He also does a pretty good job of putting these associations into context and seems like he even convinces Bill O. I really like when Obama takes it to Sean Hannity, because if any of you watch Hannity, you’ll know […]

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Bill O’Reilly Interviews Barack Obama Part 2

[youtube:] Bill O’Reilly interviews yells at Barack Obama in part 2 of the O’Reilly Vs. Obama series.

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CNN Exposes Sarah Palin

CNN goes in on Sarah Palin’s claims to fame and pretty much confirms she’s lying about everything. What a surprise. You know I’m still mad at Palin for her doucebag comment saying, “A small town mayor is sorta of like a community organizer…except you have actual responsibility”.

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