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If you think rappers get into it, you should see these politicians.

N-Bomb Dropped During Sarah Palin Rally

While VP candidate for the Republican party, Sarah Palin, was giving an address to her supporters, audience members began screaming “He’s a n*gger” in reaction to Palin’s criticisms of Obama. Palin who it’s obvious heard the remarks, didn’t stop to quell the racial epithets. Watch and be thoroughly disgusted. [youtube:]

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Will The Election Be Stolen Again?

[youtube:] Bill Maher interviews Allen Raymond who was convicted of election fraud in 2004. This is important for all Americans to watch because Raymond details how Republicans trick black people into not voting and how they even trick white people into not voting for a Democrat. Very dirty stuff. Here some tips: 1) Don’t vote […]

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Why Would Muslims Vote for McCain?

Here’s a video of some Muslim McCain supporters confronting a racist at a McCain Rally. Watch the hilarity ensue. Check out part 2 and the McCain blockage. (more…)

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Barack Obama Hits Up 106 & Park

[youtube:] Barack Obama spoke with Rocsi and Terrence on BET’s 106 & Park. I need that “Living The Dream” shirt!!

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Kids Explain Why They Are Supporting Obama


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General Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Why is this a big deal? Because Colin Powell is a Bush-Republican who largely made the case to go to war against Iraq to the U.N. Watch the endorsement on NBC’s Meet the Press. He’s also a real American war hero.

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Final Debate: Obama Vs. McCain

Obama McCain

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Just finished watching the final debate and it was way entertaining than the last two. The highlight for me was when Obama called out McCain for the negative campaigning and the Bill Ayers issue. Obama’s performance was solid even though he was on the defensive throughout the night, he would take a jab from McCain and hit back even harder. (more…)

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Tell McCain to End the Politics of Hate

[youtube:] This video shows just how crazy some of McCain’s supporters have become. On a side note, I hear a lot of Republican commentators saying that the young vote won’t come out for Obama in November because we’re all too lazy and smoking up. Even though that may be true in most circumstances, I can […]

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