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Your Favorite Rap Album Gets Put Under the Microscope fool!

REVIEW: 2 Chainz – Based on a T.R.U. Story

Review: 3/5 In May we did a profile on 2 Chainz and his come up on the mixtape circuit, which hopefully dispelled the idea that he was just an overnight success. If anything 2 Chainz will be held up as proof that even though your in your mid-30s, he’s 36, you can still make to […]

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REVIEW: Rick Ross – God Forgives I Don’t

Review: 3/5 What a run Rick Ross is having (ahem was having). Ever since he dropped BMF and MC Hammer way back in 2010 on a mixtape of all places, he’s been supplying the streets constantly both as a solo artist and with the acts under his label Maybach Music Group. I’ve had a lot […]

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Review: Nas – Life is Good

Review: 3/5 Nas is back with a new album and boy it feels weird saying that. Having grown up on Nas’ tapes during the 90s and being one of the biggest Nas’ heads as a kid, I feel weird turning up some Nasir Jones. For the record, I didn’t listen to that Distant Relatives album, […]

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REVIEW: Tyga “Careless World: Rise of the Last King”

Review: 2/5

Best Songs: Rack City, Faded, Black Crown

I like most of y’all haters thought Tyga was a hoe. I hadn’t heard any of his shit since December of last year. That is until I got to go free [read: snuck in] to Tyga’s infamous show in Toronto. I was surprised this guy actually had fans in my city and most of them we’re fine ass hoes.

Aside from that, this guy has such a ridiculous amount of energy when he performs he is definitively on one. He was like one of those little kids that’s so hype to spit a freestyle in the ‘hood, but when they realize they suck they stop. Apparently Tyga hasn’t realized it. I kid.

After this experience, especially girls taking their clothes off at the after party, I started to realize I may actually relate with Tyga. We are both degenerates, both pussy chasers and both substance abusers. This guy should be providing the soundtrack to my demonic Saturday nights. So I hit up the googles and got a copy of his last mixtape #BitchImtheShit and I was actually impressed, mind you I had low expectations.

Fastforward and here we have Tyga’s album debut, courtesy of the pirates, and is it what I want? Hit the breakdown. (more…)

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Drake's Take Care cover art

REVIEW: Drake – Take Care

Review: 3.5/5 Best songs: Crew Love, Take Care, Look What You’ve Done, Marvins Room Drake’s follow up to last year’s cash grab (Thank Me Later), Take Care has leaked a week before it hits stores next week (which is standard fare for most rap albums nowadays, with certain exceptions). What’s interesting this time around is […]

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REVIEW: Wale “Ambition”

Review: 2.5/5 Best Songs: Bait, Miami Nights, Chain Music, Slight Work, Ambition The general consensus prior to Wale joining the untouchable Maybach Music aka Ross’ Weed Carrier Records was that Wale was a backpacker with no swag and a different style. Fast forward to now and it seems like Wale’s inhaled his share of Rick […]

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REVIEW: LMFAO “Sorry for Party Rocking”

Review: 2.8/5 Best Songs: Party Rock Anthem, Sexy And You Know It, Champagne Showers, Best Night I can admit, one of my guilty pleasures over the last summer has been LMFAO’s second album Sorry for Party Rocking. In terms of technical rap skills, it’s pretty obvious LMFAO is horrendous. On almost every song their vocals […]

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REVIEW: J. Cole “Cole World: The Sideline Story”

Review: 3/5 Best Songs: Lights Please, Sideline Story, Cole World, Never Told, Rise and Grind, God’s Gift We all know J. Cole’s story he was signed two years ago by the God-Mc Jay-Z making him the first rapper on Roc Nation, dropped a few “acclaimed” mixtapes, and has had some decent singles such as “Who […]

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